100% committed to doing what we can

Our Environmentally Conscious Approach

Here at the Courtyard Bothy, we are 100% committed to our green ethos.
This means that we have a true environmentally conscious approach towards running our small self-catering business.
Green values really are at the heart of everything we do!


The Bothy’s solar panels face south, absorbing the natural light throughout the day to generate electricity. Octopus Energy, our electricity supplier, is a 100% green energy provider. Our tariff encourages grid usage overnight when the overall draw on the grid is lower. That's when we draw down electricity and store it in a battery for use during the day. The air source heat pump heats the water and provides heating - essential for keeping the Bothy cosy in our changeable Highland weather!

Interior kitchen of the Courtyard Bothy, Grantown on Spey, near Aviemore

We have a 7kw destination EV charger for easy charging of your electric vehicle. This is purely for your benefit and we don’t make any profit from it. Payment can be made by Apple Pay, Google Pay or via the Monta app.

We recommend you bring your car to make it easy to explore. You can calculate the carbon generated by your holiday car journeys here.

We have pretty solar lights decorating the Bothy’s courtyard garden and parking area!

Interior lounge area of the Courtyard Bothy, Grantown on Spey, near Aviemore

We encourage responsible energy consumption by turning off lights and appliances when not in use, regulating room temperatures mindfully and being conscious of water usage.

We encourage you to opt for towels and linens to be changed only when necessary during longer stays, thereby reducing water and energy consumption.


Path through the woods

Our pretty courtyard garden is full of plants to attract bees and insects.

We grow seasonal fruit in the garden for you - blueberries, apples and rhubarb!

Exploring the breathtaking natural surroundings is a highlight of any visit to the Courtyard Bothy.

We urge you to stay on marked trails, respect wildlife habitats, and refrain from littering. Keep dogs on leads when birds are nesting and carry bags with you to pick up their mess.

By following these simple guidelines, you can help us to preserve the pristine beauty of the Cairngorms National Park for generations to come.


Welcome Basket at the Courtyard Bothy

We are committed to our local community. We both support community groups at events and sit on committees delivering projects for the town.

The Spotless Cleaning Company carefully prepares the Courtyard Bothy for every guest. They employ local staff, pay above the living wage, are committed to staff development and offer help and support over and above the cleaning jobs they carry out.

A welcome basket of local goodies will greet you. We also provide other essentials to prevent food wastage.

To encourage you to explore and enjoy our local community, we provide lots of information on Grantown's shops and services, including discount codes for local experiences.


Scottish Fine Soaps

There are recycling bins throughout the property, and we ask you to separate your waste items accordingly.

We provide Ecover eco-friendly washing-up liquid and cleaning products to minimise impact on the ecosystem.

We provide you with toiletries from Scottish Fine Soaps, a Scottish company that strives to be climate friendly in its operations. We use refillable 500ml bottles to reduce plastic waste.

We have lots of information on exploring from the door on foot, by bike or public transport, thereby reducing car emissions.


There’s always more to be done to look after our little piece of the planet!

In order to keep us on the right track, we’re currently working on our application for the respected Green Tourism Award and Karen has recently completed Green Champions Foundation Learning.

Look out for more details on this soon!